Current project "IN"

The project 'IN' started in 2013, it is based on two letters "in" separating my last name from his majesty king of Poland and Grand Duke of Lithuania Žygimantas Augustas (1520-1552) last name. Project should end at 7 Jully 2022, the 450 year aniversary of king's deaht. At the moment I am focused on the imaginable heir of the king Žygimantas Augustas and the queen Barbara Radziwiłł which never saw this world but had been highly desirable. I am trying fix historical mistake because there is a strong need for Jagiellonian dynasty heirs currently. The book about project 'IN' dedicated to the last Jagellon Žygimantas Augustas was published recently.

"IN" "IN.550" "The Heir Project"